Washboard Abs: Stomach Muscle Building – The Solution

The Six Pack- Just a Glamor Muscle?

The stomach is the most definite description of the fitness of a man.

Abdominal muscles are some of the most neglected muscles in training, usually because of the difficulty involved, and the common presupposition that stomach muscles are useless. The truth is that stomach muscles are very important. Bruce Lee was not just a kung fu expert; he was also regarded as having one of the most perfectly built bodies ever.

He stressed many times that he believed the stomach muscles were some of the most important muscles, as these play a vital role in jumping, kicking, punching and climbing among others.

How to build these muscles.

Getting that perfect six pack may look like a very difficult problem, especially if you are overweight or have a buildup of fat on your stomach.

There are several ways that you can reduce fat content on your body and build up those abs at the same time.

Many experts say that it is not possible to target an area of the body and burn fat in the same way that muscle can be built. So, what will need to be done in order to reduce fat on your stomach, is to reduce the overall fat on your body.

This may seem like a very difficult job, but if you follow a healthy diet, you should be able to conquer this in a steady amount of time (unless you have a medical condition that prevents you from losing weight).

Too much fat?

Athlete showing how to build absIn order to burn fat, eat right!

That doesn’t mean eat less, simply eat the foods, limit calorie intake and focus on eating large breakfasts and lighter dinners. As far as exercise is concerned; cardio workouts are very important. Cardio exercises are any workout that gets the heart pumping faster.

These include running, jogging, swimming, cycling as well as numerous sports which include these. In order to determine what your heart rate should be deduct your age from 220 to obtain your maximal heart rate (in beats per minute). For exercises that are not swimming or arm weights; your rate should not exceed 70%-90% of your maximum heart rate.

The right exercises.

The best exercise as recommended by many experts is the bicycle crunch.

This consists of lying on the ground and performing a slow cycling action with your legs while bringing the opposing elbow in line with the knee.

Other great exercises are ordinary crunches, sit ups, leg lifts and Swiss ball crunches. Training with weights can be very effective, as it is important to also exercise your entire core, which includes back and upper thighs.

These muscles can also be exercised together through standing barbell lifts, etc. A six pack may take a while to form, but with the right exercises and diet, should be along within a surprising amount of time.