Best Pre-Workout for Women – Top 4

Hey there! Today I’ll show you something awesome I found while randomly surfing the web.

About a week ago, I stumbled upon the best pre-workout for women by going to the top 10 pre-workout supplements and reading about this type of supplement.

Why did I even do it? Simple – because I have a girlfriend who likes to go to the gym and wants to look her best!

But she’s always saying that it’s incredibly hard to regularly train, get the motivation for it, and never give up in order to get great results and the perfect body that she wants.

She’s always saying that she lacks the energy and focus to work out for a full hour, in order to get the best results.

And that’s when it hit me – there are great supplements that can help her with that, and that’s exactly why I wanted to find the best pre-workout for women product for her, that’s available on the market.

That said, there are literally hundreds of various women’s pre-workout drinks and shakes on the market – so how do you pick the one that’s the most efficient and the most affordable? And let’s not forget the most important part of all – it has to be completely safe and healthy for your body!

You don’t want to use sports products that contain a lot of unnecessary and sometimes even harmful ingredients that can cause various nasty and unwanted side effects!

Your health is the most important treasure that you have – so it would be incredibly stupid to consume stuff that’s harmful for you!

Don’t be like that – and instead only opt for the best pre-workout for women made by trusted and reliable manufacturers who only put in scientifically proven, safe, and effective ingredients!

Why pre-workout drinks are important

Best Pre-Workout Supplements for Women

Well, let me tell you – how often do you lack energy soon after starting your workout?

Too often, I bet!

And that’s exactly what the best pre-workout for women do – they provide you with a lot of energy, improve your mood, increase your focus, subsequently significantly increasing your total performance in the gym!

You will simply be able to work out for longer, do harder exercises, stave off muscle fatigue, and increase your stamina as well as endurance!

Does that sound like a great effect, or what?

These benefits are just some of the things you’ll get from using a proper and safe pre-workout drink. There are many other health benefits, such as improved metabolism, increased fat burning effect, more motivation, better heart health, better muscle maintenance, growth, and recovery, and more!

However, don’t think that you’re going to get buff and bulky after you take women’s pre-workout shakes! They promote LEAN muscle mass – not bulkiness.

Ask any fitness model around – they’ll all tell you that they got their perfect physiques with the help of a good pre-workout drink, combined with several other similarly helpful supplements which speed up your training results and let you achieve your fitness goals faster!

I’m serious when I say this, ladies – a proper supplement can change your life, because instead of taking a couple of years to shed all the fat and tone up your body – you’ll be able to do it MUCH faster!

And that’s exactly what my girlfriend did after she looked at the website above, and other similar ones. She was able to get all the necessary information about these types of products, check out various lists for the best pre-workout supplements for women, and then easily pick out the one that was the most efficient and safest for her!

Supplements are not magic pills!

This is important, so keep it in mind!

Supplements are not magic pills that you pop and get all the great benefits and results.

If that were true, no one would go to the gym because they’d all have the perfect body!

Women’s pre-workout drinks and shakes are not like that – you have to combine them with a proper healthy diet and a good exercise routine which makes you burn through many calories and strain your muscles!

You can’t expect to take a supplement, then keep eating pizzas and cakes, and never work out – and still have the body of your dreams!

We’re living in the real world, not a fantasy – so you’ll still have to put in the necessary work and effort to get your ideal figure.

But, with the help of the best pre-workout for women supplement – you’ll be able to do it MUCH faster than normal! And I mean much, much faster, like in months instead of years, depending on your current physique.

Everything that’s worth having in life doesn’t come easy – so you have to do the work to get the benefits!

Top 5 Best Pre-Workout For Women

Image with the best pre workout for women

To make it easy – I’ll give you a great list of the top 5 best pre-training supplements for female athletes and otherwise active women.

1. Transparent Labs LEAN Pre-Workout

This one is, in fact, great for both women and men – so it’s not only the best pre-workout for women supplement – it’s also one of the most efficient one’s for men!

And to top it all off, since women don’t need as strong a dose as men – you’ll only need to use about 70% of serving size, thus making the product incredibly affordable and a very inexpensive source of energy for training!

I’ve checked around, and apparently, Transparent Labs is one of the cleanest, safest, and healthiest manufacturers for various sports nutrition products on the market. They always make sure that they put in zero artificial, unnecessary, harmful, or even potentially dangerous ingredients.

The label is 100% transparent, just like the manufacturer’s name states – and you can clearly see that there are no colorings, no artificial sweeteners, no preservatives, or any other stuff that people should not consume.

But that’s not the best part. The most outstanding thing is that they always include HUGE doses of scientifically proven and effective ingredients into their supplements, which guarantee real, reliable and fast results!

I’m serious when I say this – I have yet to find a manufacturer that puts as much emphasis on the quality, safety, and effectiveness of ingredients.

And that’s why I can easily say that this is among the best pre-workout for women drinks in existence!

They have two specific alternatives, one’s called LEAN, and the other is BULK. It’s safe to say that BULK is only for men, and LEAN is for anyone who wants to get fit.

It contains a whole bunch of beneficial ingredients that provide you with energy, and make sure that your muscles get all the nutrients that they need, all while burning unnecessary fat.

The main ingredients include Citrulline Malate, Betaine Anhydrous, BCAAs, Beta-Alanine, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, Choline Bitartrate, L-Theanine, Caffeine Anhydrous, and several other awesome nutrients at smaller doses.

This may all sound like too much information, but you can google any of these ingredients and find all the necessary info to learn for yourself and see how awesome they are!

Other than that, anyone who’s familiar with sports supplements is going to agree that the doses and the ingredients here are top notch – scientifically proven, and effective!

So, trust me when I say this – it’s probably the best pre-workout drink for women in the world. Plus, it’s very affordable too!

2. NLA For Her Uplift

Now this one’s made specifically for female athletes. The ingredients in it are carefully chosen with the specific physiology and needs of the women’s body in mind!

It provides you with a lot of clean and sustained energy, improves your athletic performance, helps your muscles stay strong and contract properly, and reduces overall fatigue!

It also contains a nootropic blend which makes your you have enough focus, motivation, and drive during training – and it also significantly improves your mood and general disposition!

And that’s probably why it’s called UPLIFT – it lifts your mood, and elevates your body’s natural capabilities!

Even the manufacturer says – Take a couple of scoops for a mentality makeover! An intense rush of energy and focus will overcome you – and you’ll be able to work out longer, harder, and stronger!

Another thing of note about this particular product is the taste. It’s absolutely divine!

I haven’t tasted it myself since only my girlfriend uses the best pre-workout for women supplements – but I read hundreds of reviews and most of them say that the taste was incredibly delicious!

As far as ingredients go, it contains all of the usual suspects: Beta Alanine, L-Arginine AKG, L-Carnitine, L-Lysine, Glycine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine, L-Threonine, L-Phenylalanine, L-Leucine, Agmatine Sulfate

Also, Caffeine, PABA, Tyrosine, and many other herbal extracts that improve energy, mood, and focus.

You can see the label for yourself if you search for the product, and then check out what all the ingredients do if you’re interested.

It’s one of the strongest mood, energy, and focus enhances, which makes it an ideal women’s pre-workout experience!

3. HIT Supplements Igniter Extreme Women Only

Just as the name states – this supplement ignites your mental focus, energy levels, and metabolism!

It’s designed for women only, and is made for maximum performance. This means that it enhances muscle activation, increases stamina, improves endurance, and gives you enough energy to last you through any sort of intensive exercise session!

The ingredients contained in it are backed by science and will take you to the next level in fitness. They help you train longer, and recover much faster!

The main active ones are L-Citrulline, L-Glutamine, Beta Alanine, Branched Chain Amino Acids, Betaine, Caffeine, and Dendrobium Extract.

Dendrobium extract helps convert glucose in your muscle into immediate energy and lets you experience your full potential when training, as you’ll have enough energy for the whole session! It also improves fat metabolism!

All the other ingredients are equally powerful and provide their own wide range of awesome health and training benefits!

That said, a lot is hidden behind the manufacturer’s proprietary blend, so there’s no way to tell the exact dosages of each and every ingredient, which makes it hard to quickly judge the overall effectiveness of certain ingredients.

But this product comes from a very reputable manufacturer so they obviously know what they are doing because they have hundreds of thousands of happy and loyal customers who give them great reviews!

It’s not the best pre-workout for women, but certainly one of the great ones!

4. StrongGirl Pre-Workout

This women’s pre-workout is designed to help power female gymgoers through their toughest and longest workout sessions.

It provides explosive energy and intensity, and aids in the muscle-building process as well as enables your muscles to put out more strength and power!

In other words, it greatly enhances your performance in the gym and you’ll be able to do more, train harder, and get that lean and toned physique!

It includes Beta-Alanine, Quercetin, Caffeine, L-carnitine L-tartrate, Green Tea Extract, Taurine, Japanese Raisin Tree Extract, Rhodiola Rosea Extract, Choline Bitartrate, and L-Theanine – all of which work in tandem and great synergy to provide you with power and energy.

Also, the massive energy spike is smooth, steady, and sustained because according to the manufacturer, you won’t feel jittery, wired, or otherwise uncomfortable.

That’s pretty awesome because a lot of people complain of jitters when a supplement has too many stimulants like Caffeine.

So, it’s not the most powerful and best pre-workout for women drink on the market – but it’s certainly one of the most efficient ones! It also won’t break your bank and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!

Final Thoughts

So, I hope you’ve learned something new today and found out about the wonderful world of dietary supplements which can take your training and fitness goals to the next level!

Be careful when picking out the best pre-workout for women for yourself because there are a lot of fake and unhealthy products that contain too little of the main active ingredients and too much junk!

Always make sure to do your due diligence and a little bit of research before committing yourself to a good product, or find a reliable website, like the one linked above, which can explain to you everything in depth and show you what’s what!

As with any sports supplement – if you know what you’re doing and buy and take the right one – the results that you want are pretty much guaranteed!

But don’t forget to put in the necessary work and effort – and make sure you eat right!

A lot of women refrain from taking sports products because they think they’ll look to muscular, buff, and bulky. That couldn’t be further from the truth, and the myth has been broken!

Since the muscle fibers in men and women work completely differently and women don’t have as much testosterone hormone as men – they simply can’t get muscular and buff without taking some kind of hormone supplements or steroids.

So the only thing the best pre-workout for women are going to do is make you lean, toned, and incredibly fit!

You don’t need to take any product to achieve a wonderfully fit and beautiful body, but it will take you a lot of time! With a good women’s pre-workout drink – you’ll get to your fitness goals much faster than normal, and you won’t be as tired or spent while going through the process.

Imagine having enough energy to do everything that you need – and then some! Imagine having the focus and the motivation to train, day after day, without getting too tired, fatigued, or discouraged!

Yeah, that’s a reality, if you carefully research and then get a great supplement for yourself which contains science backed ingredients that help you do all that!

And the best part is – they’re all completely safe and side effect free if you’re a healthy adult with no medical problems!

In any case – my girlfriend enjoys it, and I enjoy her awesome and fit body!



Washboard Abs: Stomach Muscle Building – The Solution

The Six Pack- Just a Glamor Muscle?

The stomach is the most definite description of the fitness of a man.

Abdominal muscles are some of the most neglected muscles in training, usually because of the difficulty involved, and the common presupposition that stomach muscles are useless. The truth is that stomach muscles are very important. Bruce Lee was not just a kung fu expert; he was also regarded as having one of the most perfectly built bodies ever.

He stressed many times that he believed the stomach muscles were some of the most important muscles, as these play a vital role in jumping, kicking, punching and climbing among others.

How to build these muscles.

Getting that perfect six pack may look like a very difficult problem, especially if you are overweight or have a buildup of fat on your stomach.

There are several ways that you can reduce fat content on your body and build up those abs at the same time.

Many experts say that it is not possible to target an area of the body and burn fat in the same way that muscle can be built. So, what will need to be done in order to reduce fat on your stomach, is to reduce the overall fat on your body.

This may seem like a very difficult job, but if you follow a healthy diet, you should be able to conquer this in a steady amount of time (unless you have a medical condition that prevents you from losing weight).

Too much fat?

Athlete showing how to build absIn order to burn fat, eat right!

That doesn’t mean eat less, simply eat the foods, limit calorie intake and focus on eating large breakfasts and lighter dinners. As far as exercise is concerned; cardio workouts are very important. Cardio exercises are any workout that gets the heart pumping faster.

These include running, jogging, swimming, cycling as well as numerous sports which include these. In order to determine what your heart rate should be deduct your age from 220 to obtain your maximal heart rate (in beats per minute). For exercises that are not swimming or arm weights; your rate should not exceed 70%-90% of your maximum heart rate.

The right exercises.

The best exercise as recommended by many experts is the bicycle crunch.

This consists of lying on the ground and performing a slow cycling action with your legs while bringing the opposing elbow in line with the knee.

Other great exercises are ordinary crunches, sit ups, leg lifts and Swiss ball crunches. Training with weights can be very effective, as it is important to also exercise your entire core, which includes back and upper thighs.

These muscles can also be exercised together through standing barbell lifts, etc. A six pack may take a while to form, but with the right exercises and diet, should be along within a surprising amount of time.